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"Hyperbridge is building decentralized protocols for the deployment of next generation technology, leading to the creation of industry specific micro-economies, the first of which will focus on the gaming industry. This will be facilitated through Blockhub, our protocol-driven platform, designed to unite producers and consumers.

Blockhub is a digital content platform that uses decentralized protocols and SDKs to provide licensing, DRM, crowdfunding and payment services needed to development apps into business-viable products. The Blockhub UI provides sales, usage and performance data to developers to inform future decisions.

Game developers will be provided an out-of-the-box solution to fundraise, market and publish their games. Our solution allows for game studios and indies to develop and deploy content, while establishing digital rights and licensing.

Content published using Blockhub will be featured within the marketplace where users will be able to purchase and interact with apps and games, including wallet and currency features to enable users to earn, transact, and store various cryptocurrencies.

Using Blockhub and the decentralized protocols it houses, infinite micro-economies can be created and managed."


トークン名: Hyperbridge

トークンティッカー: HBX

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