Moonshot Airdropへようこそ!

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LET’S DEMOCRATIZE THE SPACE RACE! Howdy, we’re a group of people from across the world. We decided to land a bitcoin private key on the moon, so that everyone in the world can send money to a real-life out-of-this-world treasure chest. This bitcoin treasure chest can only be claimed by physically going to the moon and claiming it. The question is not if, but when someone will get it. As the price of going to space decreases, and the price of bitcoin increases comes an intersection where it becomes practical for someone to go to the moon and get it. Thus, creating a global race to the moon powered by bitcoin. In doing so, we show that the masses now have the organizing force to pull off something that used to require an entire nation state. Everyone who wants to help can do so, and together we can launch the most epic transition into a new era and inspire future generations to surpass us. Join us in making history. It’s time to send bitcoin #ToTheMoon 🌖 Literally.

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