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어바웃 Sun Exchange Network Token

Sun Exchange - buy-to-lease solar cells - monetize sunshine and earn crypto.

In 2014 Sun Exchange embarked on a mission to enable anyone in the world to own part of a network of distributed solar power plants using the Bitcoin protocol as the universal payments system. Sun Exchange solar power plants are now providing clean and affordable energy to businesses and communities across South Africa, and is gearing up to deploy into the Middle East, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Sun Exchange is now launching the SUNEX Network Token to create an additional layer of utility on the platform. SUNEX can be staked into the world's first solar project insurance fund for emerging markets and has been designed to provide an interactive and more rewarding gamified experience whilst solar powering the world.

Facts about Sun Exchange:
• First platform in the world to enable crypto-investments into solar energy systems, and the first micro-leasing platform to pay asset owners in crypto-currency.
• Operating now - you can use it today
• Voted Best Bitcoin Business in Africa 2016 & 2017
• Winner of the 2017 Global Blockchain Challenge
• Active partnerships and collaborations with the world’s leading technology accelerators, United Nations Development Program

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