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ZED IS BUILT FOR MONEY TRANSFER OPERATORS (MTOS) ZED is a compliance-friendly solution enabling MTOs to leverage a leading blockchain technology to rapidly scale their business. We provide state of the art Web/ Mobile Apps, a robust back office admin and built-in compliance tools for a comprehensive "remittance in a box" solution. Unlike the current SWIFT system, ZED Network eliminates dependency on banks in favor of a global, distributed network of licensed MTOs to create a faster, cheaper, more transparent money transfer network. 1) LOW COST ZED transactions require no mining and costs only 1%. 2) INSTANTANEOUS ZED transactions are settled with MTO partners across the globe within 3 to 5 seconds. 3) TRANSPARENT ZED transactions are saved on a verifiable and immutable public distributed ledger. 4) GLOBAL ZED Network connects Money Transfer Operators to partners around the world, providing instant global reach. 5) DATA RICH ZED transactions allow for the secure transfer of data with each payment, eliminating traditional reconciliation headaches. 6) COMPREHENSIVE ZED is an all-in-one digital solution for MTOs including state of the art web and mobile apps, a robust back office and comprehensive built-in KYC/AML reporting.

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